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    Major Computer Issues Now

    Okay, so I posted a day or two ago about a hijacked AIM profile screwing over myself and anyone who clicked on this individual's profile. Whatever it did is getting worse, or so it appears. Now, in addition to the pop-ups that spybot, adware nor google pop-up blocker can stop, whatever the f*ck started with the pop ups is now starting to hijack my web browsing. For example, if I try to go to anabolic review without clicking on the favorites link that brings me directly to the discussion board, it will sometimes "block" AR and bring me to some site selling "legal steroids "; likewise if i click on a thread with a very obviously steroid related topic.

    So I've been running some little experiments to see what the hell the deal is using the laptop right next to the desktop. With the presumbably unaffected laptop, if I type in a very generic web addy (such as, steroids .com) it brings me to the appropriate website that every other computer brings me to. With the desktop, however, there's a slight delay, then I'm redirected to a site of "their" apparent chooser. As NO spyware disablers seem to be rooting this out, is there a way (I'm using Windows XP) for me simply to revert the ENTIRETY of my computer's contents to three days ago? I can do it with my laptop (it's something Reconfig...or similarly worded software), but I'm not sure i can with the PC here. Anyone know if I can do this? I'm waving the white flag to these f'ers now and just want this shit off!!!

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    What kind of anti-virus software are you running?

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    If your having that much of a problem give microsoft a call,the techs will clear it up for you.I use XP,but I have all kinds of protection.

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    Try that out bro...hopefully it can help you.

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    You've definetely got a virus, throw me a PM and I'll try and get you Panda, should help you out. Actually just try and load it off the laptop, Panda has been an awesome AntiV for me so far, no problems ever.

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    Before you start crying Wolf on the Virii, check your Add / Remove list and see if there is anything out of the ordinary installed.

    Sometimes when you visit site and they ask you to install things (like the first time you go to play Yahoo Games, or use Windows Update). Sometimes those programs will install some other bullshit programs along with it.

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    I would run norton anti-virus bro, run the pc doctor and it should pick it up. If that dont stop the virus, it sucks but do a reformat and recover, this way your computer is put back into the OEM setup, but you do not lose any of your files or anything you installed. PM if need any more assistance

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    You can set system back by going to your start menu to all programs to
    accessories to system tools and use system restore. That should work.


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