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Thread: winstrol powder

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    winstrol powder

    i found a guy who can give me powdered winstrol to mix with muscle milk. has anyone ever heard of anything like this?? any advice? is it legit/safe?

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    Well all AAS start in powder form. So the oral ones you get like winny, d-bol, halo, drol etc etc can either be capped or made into liquid or tabs. If you want you could technically just eat the powder, but it doesnt have to be mixed with muscle milk LOL.

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    I don't see how it's possible to get an accurate measurement though if it's not in a cap, or suspended in an oral liquid. How do you plan to measure out 50-100mg of powder accurately? There are some good scales that would do it, but what a bitch to have to measure out such small amounts ed.


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