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    anyone heard or tryed "ROID REPLACER" ???

    just found this & might be buying need some respoce please

    THE ROID REPLACER with MYOBLOCK Myostatin Neutralizer

    This revolutionary next generation compound is sure to rock your world. It's finally here! The ultimate combination of the most effective anabolics ever put together in one product. The Roid Replacer, when used in conjunction with a weight training program, will allow you to reach an entirely new level of muscle growth, that was once thought to be impossible without the use of steroids .


    Myostatin, is a recently discovered protein that is a potent inhibitor of muscle growth. In other words, the more myostatin a person has, the smaller and weaker he (or she) is likely to be. This is why some guys who train like crazy can't get past looking like an underwear model, while others are ready to tear up the bodybuilding circuit in no time flat. Most of the top bodybuilders, who gain muscle mass like crazy, have the right genetics. In other words, they have unusually low levels of myostatin.

    The greatest factor limiting your ability to gain massive muscle mass is genetics. More specifically, scientists have recently isolated one particular gene that, through a protein called myostatin, actually turns off muscle growth. The solution to this problem would be to neutralize the effects of myostatin, and take the limits off muscle mass gains. Well, its here - big time - ready to set you free from the gene that stands between you and massive gains in muscle mass.

    Now, for the first time ever, you can neutralize this muscle-stopping protein with The Roid Replacer, the most advanced bodybuilding formula on the market today.

    The Roid Replacer delivers the highest potency dose of Myoblock, the most powerful myostatin neutralizing agent known to science. Myoblock is the trade name for a revolutionary new compound derived from an exotic sea plant called Cystoseira Canariensis. The benefits of neutralizing myostatin are massive muscle growth, and an increased number of muscle fibers. And these new muscle fibers are permanent. Even if you were to go off your workout regimen, your newly created muscle fibers are still there, ready to be stimulated and grow once you return to the gym.

    But Myoblock does even more. Much more! Researchers have also discovered that when the myostatin protein is blocked or decreased, it also works to decrease your body-fat levels. So not only do you get unbelievable new gains in muscle mass, but at the same time, you can greatly reduce body fat.


    The Roid Replacer contains the powerful natural anabolics 4-Androstenediol, Protodioscin, Hecogenin, Tigogenin, and Yohimbine HCL, which create the ultimate anabolic environment, clearing the way for rapid and explosive muscle growth.


    The Roid Replacer contains 20-Hydroxyecdysone, which has been studied in Russia for years. It increases muscle mass, endurance, and strength by increasing protein synthesis, and nitrogen retension.


    The Roid Replacer contains oligopeptides, which are anabolic growth factors extracted from fertilized chicken eggs. And check this out, oligopeptides deliver the following benefits: *More Muscle *Fat Loss Without Stimulants *Faster Recovery *Stronger Sex Drive *Reduced Aging and Stress *Better Sleep, Mood, and Energy.


    The Roid Replacer contains natural anabolics that are chemically similar to the penta structure of human testosterone . They duplicate the good effects of testosterone , such as increased nitrogen retention, increased muscle growth, faster recovery from strenuous exercise, less accumulation of body fat, and more strength.

    The Roid Replacer is 75% anabolic and 25% androgenic , so you get a perfect combination of awesome muscle growth and incredible nitrogen retention. This coupled with a mild androgen effect for maximum strength gains, makes The Roid Replacer the perfect anabolic compound for bodybuilders.

    Each bottle contains 120 capsules which is a 30 day cycle.

    Look, if you are serious about building a freaky, extremely muscular physique, you owe it to yourself to try a 30 day cycle of The Roid Replacer. Your purchase will be an investment that will reap huge returns in muscle size and strength, and you will discover why The Roid Replacer is the most powerful muscle building compound ever developed!

    anyone tell me if this stuffs any good ????

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    dude, its bunk. Don't come within 10 miles of it...for your wallet's sake.

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    dansteelman have you tryed this then ?

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    I wouldn't even'd be better off with 1-AD and 1-Test, if that's the way you're going.

    You're getting the same answer over on WB bro...

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    Roid replacer? I might have to try this out:/:

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    The Roid Replacer contains 20-Hydroxyecdysone, which has been studied in Russia for years. It increases muscle mass, endurance, and strength by increasing protein synthesis, and nitrogen retension."

    lmao, edcysterone in place of russian dbol

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    this is a joke right? I can tell by just the advertisment that it is bunk,bet we will be readining about it in one of jeff summers columns or something.

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