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    big kev or psycoswole

    i agree one hundred percent that test is the base of a cutting or a bulk cycle.i was only commenting on the brovel test 200,as i have personally had very bad luck with bloating and zits from brovels.i also understand that everyone is different in reaction to different stroids.i have not done any t-200 in about 4 years,so maybe it was due too my age,however iam not bloated at all now and i have very little acne.i have been using ttokkyo cyp,ara-test,propionate ,testoprim-d etc.just didnt want you to think that iam a complete idiot.

    since you are pro -brovel labs,ill ask you a question.
    i have heard that brovels have gotten better over the years,is that true and do you think that i should go with brovels over the above mentioned products in the future.

    right on for any feedback
    ps---and if that is your real picture,you definatley are not bloated or zitted.

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    I am not either of them but still brovel has a problem with underdosing just be prepareed because 200mg per cc is never 200 mg per cc

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    wasnt flaming on you at all bro. everyone reacts differently to test sometimes. i have always used brovel t200. it has always given me great gains, so i dont think the product has changed much. but the packaging has changed tremendously. they now have the blue flip top as opposed to the old metal thing they used. and they put hologram stickers on the bottles, which lets you know they are real brovel products.

    didnt mean to offend you bro, if i did i appologize.

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    It was late tiny, we were bored. Kev is right that everybody reacts diff to test, no flame at all bro, just didnt want newbies to get scurred

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