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Thread: The young and Steroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitty View Post
    Surely the main risk for these underage users is just improper use
    Any shutdown of an hpta has the possibility of the user needing trt, whether they be young or old.

    Younger guys are more susceptible to damage because their endocrine system is still in development.

    Proper and improper use both shut down the system and roll the dice of damage.

    I started trt at 18 having never touched aas. I will be injecting myself for the next 50 years assuming i live 70ish. Its a scary thought.

    Look up some of the symptoms of low test. If that doesnt scare the needle out your arse i dont know what will

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    Good info for the younger guys here.

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    In addition to PCT, there should also be a PCP (Pre-cycle Prep). A proper PCP would take a good 4-6 years of learning how to properly train with time spent transforming your body. Once that PCP is complete, you are close to your genetic and experience potential. At that point, your age becomes the next consideration before deciding when to start your first cycle.

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    Great read. I will copy these and send them to my friends

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