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    First time using roids...qyestions about testosterone enantato 350

    Hey guys...I've been working out for the last year and am interested in moving on to the next level. A friend of mine had test e 350 but had never got around to using it, so he shot it my way. I am going to take injections not pills. The thing is...I don't know how many weeks long the cycle should last, nor do I know how many ccs/ mgs/ mls I should take weekly. Lastly, im not sure how often I should shoot up.

    My goal is to increase in size...I am not looking to lean out. I could lose maybe five pounds, but overall I am looking for bulk here.

    Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.

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    Why don't you try posting this same stupid thing 5 more times. Maybe then you'll get an answer.

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    hey bro, welcome to the board. You will find ALL the basic steroid and novice cycle suggestions on the site. Also, there is a strict protocol on this board to post your stats especially when asking for a cycle critique, so the vets and mods can assist you properly. Take a look at the education threads and read till your eyes hurt, then read some more.

    and please line up your PCT-Post cycyle therapy to ensure continued health.

    this is serious stuff and you read quite a bit and also use the 'search' button, your question was probably asked about 383475x before.

    If you have just been lifting one year, you have plenty of room to grow naturally. gear shouldn't be a shortcut to handwork and day in and day out dedication to the lifestyle.

    no burn here, just think you should brush up on how this board operates.

    good luck bro, hope youre at least 25

    heres a link to get you started.

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    Wow !

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    Couldn't agree more.........we all make a newbie I'm learning the ways.......

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