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    Do you need caber/prami when using tren, or if you run an AI are you fine?

    Do you need caber/prami when using tren , or if you run an AI such as arimidex .5mg/day will you be ok?

    or should it be kept on hand if you do get prolactin gyno?

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    in all reality,if you can keep your estrogen under control with an A.I. you should be fine....but that being said,if it were me i would use Caber .25mg twice a week to start,just to be safe,cause tren is vicious man,im fixin to use deca ,and im keeping my estro under control,but im going to run.25mg of caber twice a week just to be safe......thats what i would do my friend,better to be safe than sorry ya know.

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    its not about estro necessarily. its about monitoring progestin. so yes keep caber on hand

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    I've read that caber can cause damage to the heart valves ... so should you run Caber from the start or only if you get progesterone sides? I'm all about being safe too but that also includes trying to keep my heart functioning normally.

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