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    Question Bloodwork

    Hello ! should i take Bloodwork Before i start my first cycle?? if yes why and how i can Get bloodwork i live in Finland? thank you

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    The answer is yes you should do bloodwork before messing with hormones, but at your age I dont think you should use steroids .
    At 19 years old you are at your lifes peak of your own natural testosterone production, taking steroids will halt and completely shut down this natural production, and then you have 70% more chances of not recovering completely your testosterone once the natural production restarts.
    It is dumb not to wait till your hpta mature IMO.

    Read this:

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    ohh i forget to mention i dont wanna start now becuz im young i know it well but im just research im trying to get more informations before i start and i want you guys explain to my question well. Thank you

    i want just to know before im ready for AAS from where i start. How i can get bloodwork in my country and how its works?
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