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    Letrozole dosage help

    Hey guys I've done some searching on this but can't find my particular situation that I'm in. I'm 27, 5"11. 213lb and not had my bf measured but I estimate it around 12-14%. I'm on my second cycle now my first cycle I ran test E and matseron 1mg of each twice a week for 12 weeks had good results from that but I only started taking an AI when my nipples got soar which was a big mistake. I had small gyno symptoms like puffiness and quite sensitive nips when I was led on my front in bed and a very small peanut size lump just by my right nipple so finished my first cycle and ran clomid and nolvadex for my pct and the lump went away and no signs of gyno were there so waited 4 months until my next cycle which I decided to do sus 250 and tren E 1mg twice a week for 15 weeks so started that and took 20mg of tamoxifen from week 2 of the cycle but then the nipples started to get puffy again and the lump has come back on my right nipple and feels slightly bigger to me and isn't going down so I started taking 1mg of anastrozole ed for a week and upped the tamoxifen to 40mg ed but the puffiness is still there and the lump I'm 5 weeks into my cycle now so have 10 weeks left and have got hold of some letrozole . Just want to no what dose to take and to build up to and for how long should I take it. I don't really want to waste the rest of my cycle with my estrogen levels on there ass as there will be minimal gains. But at the same time I defo don't want the gyno getting any worse. Should I just take the letro and see how that goes or continue taking the tamoxifen and anastrozole? Hope I've supplied enough info

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    My advice is to stop taking tren ASAP before you make the situation worse.

    Continue with the sus, lower the anastrozole dose to 0.25 every other day, and lower the nolva dose to 20mg every day.

    Imo you shouldn't take the letro because you risk crashing your e2, then you will feel terrible and still have gyno.

    It would be in your best interest to schedule a hormone panel blood work that includes sensitive estradiol and prolactin.

    If your prolactin is elevated then you may need a dopamine agonist, such as pramipexole or cabergoline, to help lower your PRL.

    Are you using hcg ?

    Do you have enough nolva and clomid for 6 weeks of PCT?

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