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by , 11-24-2014 at 04:47 PM (840 Views)
As i sit here eating my second meal of the day I thought I would start this second blog for you guys.

So as the scales say I am up two kilos in two weeks which is great, Myself and my wife have both noticed at the start of week two i started to thicken out, muscles are looking fuller, But the reason why Im holding off on this blog and lucky I did was for what happened yesterday at the start of week three.

Not sure WHAT happened yesterday but I took my usual 3mls in the leg and hit up chest and bis 3 meals later, before I go to the gym i have my fat burner AND my pre workout, now your probably wondering why I take all the stims before I go and the answer is they don't really do THAT much to me, I'm not very sensitive to pre workouts or am i to ephedra based products I have been doing this for a long time so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me, and its great to keep the fat loss down during bulking cycles.

As I entered the gym with my tshirt on, alot of people were looking at me, Now the boys at my gym aren't big on steroids, but enjoy having a bit of a bitch about the guy who makes gains quickly, If that makes sence at all, They knew I was on it, and it was the usual look I get every time they realize I was on, so when this happens I know im starting to look good.

Set up for my Chest exercises as everything felt good, by good I mean GREAT. the pumps were full, the amount of blood that was entering my muscles was something not like what Ive felt. ( TAKE NOTE, this is my first 19-nor. )

After my first exercise some thing weird happened, I started to get hot. REALLY hot. slightly dizzy hot, my heart was racing. I removed my t shirt to cool down and to wer my singlet, and I saw my self in the mirror, I was thick, but very reddish in a way, I was sweating my balls off. as i pushed on, the pumps got more extreme, the heat cranked up, I was training chest but my arms were so jacked as well,

That night sleeping was rough, real rough, Insomnia rough, I slept for about 3 hours, and struggled to cool myself down, my heart was beating like crazy then it would stop, then speed up again, it was weird and very unusual. IT felt like I was on clenbuterol... And i ****ing hate that stuff...

Im off to see my coach today to fill him in, I'm sitting on my pc right now and I feel fine, no issues.. But I wont be taking my pre workouts or stims anymore while on this cycle.

Any info on these symptoms, hit me up

love and kisses xzo


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    NOTES** Spoke to my coach, as this was my 3rd week, he recommends me ditching all the stims and just using the aggression the gear is giving me, Still having trouble sleeping, but that jittery shit feeling is gone, thank god.