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by , 12-28-2014 at 03:22 PM (846 Views)
I'm going to open with, Ive missed you guys !

Its been a interesting few weeks, with the end of work and the holidays my life has been crazy,

Ill recap whats been happening with my body and life.

If you have read my other blogs you know that I did increase my dossage from 2 pins a week to 3 and I also increased my calories to 4100, I saw that week only half a kilo in weight gain so I had a sit down with my coach and he decided to stop watching the scale and just focus on training and nutrition,

He also mentioned NPP does have fat burning qualities and he asked me if I feel leaner , I told him I did but Im so up in my head right now, **** knows what I thought, I was sitting at 85 kilos.

As my restraunt in its final 2 weeks of closing it was crazy busy and non stop on my feet and pretty stressed out with everything, but with all that aside I was glad to finish off 2 weeks a go and get some rest,
During my time off my body went quite weird, I must have just been so worked out and stressed, during my 11 meals a day I was just sleeping, I set my alarm for every 2 hours and all I did was.

wake up, cardio, eat, sleep, eat , sleep, eat sleep,

It was like my body was just so ****ing tired and run down it was just catching up on everything.

Its been two weeks now doing this exact same thing and I feel really good and very well rested I also get my measurements done before and after my cycle with skin folds for my body fat, Not knowing were I stood in regards to weight or even if I have grown at all I always have this DOUBT in my mind that I just didnt push myself hard enough, even though I do, Im a very focsed disciplned person and i bust my ****ing arse with everything I do,

But when I want some thing so bad I feel I have this some kind of negetivity telling me I could be doing more,

As I met up with my coach we started to do the measurements, he asked me how I felt and whats been happening the past few weeks, I explained that ive been resting and just trying to slow down and de stress a lot,

The measurements came in and he was extremely happy with the results and a few measurements he had to double up on because he didn't believe they were accurate the first time,

I had added another 2.5 kilos in the passed two weeks
I had added
5cms to my chest
1.5cms to my arms
1.5cms to my quads
and also dropped 1.2% in bf

He looked at me and said, See what happens when you don't get caught up in the numbers game, ( he was referring the watching the scales ), He then filled me with confidence in telling me that i am a great athlete and I have amazing drive and I have potential to grow when I don't doubt myself, which is always a nice thing to hear from a person you look up to, this guy isn't just my coach but a very close friend of mine I met through his supplement shop, hes very understanding and motivating, so I was happy he was proud of me.

So the end result of this 9 week bulk I put on 6.5kgs of size and over all measurements to my body, and dropped 1.2%bf

I also learnt alot about my body and a thing as bodybuilders we cant get our head around some times is, rest is key to growth, when you hit a plateau stop and think, maybe it isnt your diet, ask yourself HOW DO YOU FEEL INSIDE? are you tired? are you run down? are you stressed? maybe 2/3 days off just to unwind and focus on eating and sleeping will benefit you more than POUNDING it out at the gym?

The next chapter is the beginning of the cut..

Current calories have been dropped from 4100 to 3500

This morning I woke up, pinned my tren,mast,test p

Did my 1 hour walk fasted, came home smashed a black coffee and had breakfast,

I will keep you guys updated with how the cut goes, and the feeling of tren as I am excited to see what this compound does to my body,

love in advance, peace x
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