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Blog one week one.

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by , 11-16-2014 at 11:17 PM (706 Views)
Introduction// and other nitty gritty

Hey guys, I will be competing in my first PHYSIQUE show coming up in 18 weeks, the goal is simple, 10 weeks to add lean LBM then 8 weeks to cut.
A little about me,
I live in Australia
I have competed 4 times, a few national events and just some small shows which i really don't care to mention.
I came 3rd and 4th in two of them as a natural competitor

What drove me to start steroids?
Its a very interesting story, it was my last comp, i took the loss to heart pretty bad, i trained so damn hard I was in the best shape of my life and I didn't get the placing i wanted, i stopped lifting for 3/4 months and just felt like I was going to give up on my love for competing and building muscle.
I started my new job about 14 months a go, and all the boys at my work were juice heads, that's all they talked about! After talking to them about it and doing a few months of research I decided to get involved and give test E a shot,

MY reasoning behind jumping on was not just to build muscle, but it was the feeling they spoke of, being " happy " while on cycle, being dedicated to the diets and training, loving the pump, all the things i simple MISSED about training but just couldn't find the motivation to do it, THEN I FOUND YOU GUYS on the forums and it was a done deal.

My current stats are 83kgs at 12% bf, rough estimate to be about 77/78kgs LEAN on stage about 7% if i decided not to cycle, but the goal is to be 85 LEAN on stage.

Suppliments , DIET ,cycle


POWDERS : Pre workout, protein powder, creatine, BCAA


Im not going to give you my complete diet, Everything i have learnt is over in the nutrition section of these forums, but my macro breakdown at the moment is

3000 calories of WHOLE foods.
400 calories which include post workout and shakes

sub total 3400.

Cycle week 1-10

TEST E - 500
NPP - 300
EQ CYP - 200
HCG - 500 iu
ARIMIDEX 1 tab a week

This is all to see how I react to NPP as i have never done it before, if everything goes well, during my last cycle I peak around week 6, the plan is to up dose of test and npp slightly to push it over.


This week has been pretty straight forward, I pinned 3 mls into my leg on Monday and Thursday, everything went smooth, Pip was a tad rough but thats just apart of the game,

On day 5 i felt a little bit different in the pumps I was getting, im guessing this was the NPP kicking in just a little bit, I felt very full there was plenty of blood in my muscles and really drove my workout the way I wanted it to.

Today is the 7th day and feeling VERY thick, I eat the same thing every day at the same time but today I felt a little difference, I had my cup of oats in the morning on the way to work and about 30 minutes later I felt like i was bursting out of my skin, It felt like i was really fueling my muscles and i felt full. very full.

Thats it for this week, as we all know the first few weeks of cycling are fairly normal, and im just getting used to this blogging thing, its like a diary, I've never had a diary before, It feels weird. LOL.

Any Q's throw em at me.

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