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Blog four week four

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by , 12-08-2014 at 08:47 PM (769 Views)
Last week brought some fantastic changes let go through them,

Libido, check
Strength, double check
Weight gain, check
Having the big boys walk upto you and ask you what your taking? check check check.

Its been a great week last week smashing all my personal best yet again, I feel that im un stoppable at the moment, this week my test kicked in and kicked in like a ****ing mac truck, the combination of NPP and TEST e is some what of a perfect combo and a combo I feel i will be using for quite some time in the future with all my other bulks, I have this feeling of I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it,

My libido is off the ****ing charts, my dick aches some times im that horny, I feel some what sorry for my wife with this ridiculous amount of sex that we are having but shes loving the attention which is good.

My health wise I feel great, blood pressure hasnt gone up, the sleepless nights are slowly disappearing, My body temperature is still raised but its something I have just gotten used to.

The weight gain this week has only been 500grams which is off my target, I do aim to hit 1kilo a week but knowing my strength has gone up, that number could be anything, after I updated my coach with everything we have decided to increase my cals by 400 and for the next 3 weeks of my bulk to throw in some more test and NPP into my cycle to just push me over the plateau.
How do I feel about pinning three times a week? I dont really mind in all honesty I have to get used to it anyways when the tren and prop come into it 10 weeks out, Im hungry to look good and hungry to take a placing next year, its going to be one of the biggest shows this country has every seen and I really want to make my mark on stage.

As for pics, I really need to start taking some , I train by myself and Dont really want to be that ****witt guy who takes photos of himself pushing weights, but eh, I feel it just needs to be done to monitor my progress.

Current stats

86 kilos, or 190lbs

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