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Thread: McGregor sucker punches old man sitting on bar stool

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    Nurmagomedov says, in so many words, the next time he and McGregor meet ...there will be blood.

    In the cage or out. And somebody's probably going to jail.

    If McGregor has a single surviving brain cell left in his moonshine-pickled bog-Irish brain, he's got to know he can't beat Khabib in a fair fight. He's got NO ground game. Khabib's, OTOH, is exceptional. If he's got better striking he certainly didn't show it in their first fight (he got better than he gave). And he's made Khabib SO FUCKING ANGRY that the next time Khabib beats him, I think he will pull a Royce Gracie and break something of McGregor's, just because he can, and even if he's trying to tap out. Just for personal satisfaction. Even if it costs him another suspension.

    Because, in case you haven't noticed, Muslims are disinclined to forgive. Or forget. And Nurmagomedev doesn't get McGregor's "WWE attitude." To him, this is personal.

    So I think McGregor has time in plaster to look forward to after their next contest. If not orthopedic surgery.

    And I'd pay a dollar to see that.
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    publicity...needs to stay relevant.

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    I’d fight McGregor for free. It’d just be fun to whoop a piece of shit like that.
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