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    REALLY confused about postworkout nutrition

    Hello everyone!
    As you might remember, Im on a very low carb diet.
    Im doing higher than 1.5g protein, with good fats.

    Im very carb sensitive, and cant seem to lose weight when I have carbs.
    As of now I do 40g dextrose+40g whey protein.
    I used to have carbs 3-4x a day, for example oatmeal or sweet potatoes.
    It works half as well for me. I know this is different from person to person.

    BUT, I am confused as to what to do postworkout.
    Like I said , Im doing 40g dextrose, being the only time I take in carbs.
    Sorta like a TKD without saturated fats, just flax

    I searched the boards, and many are saying "Dont bother with dextrose"
    Or "Dextrose is overrated"

    Many people also go with oats and a banana with whey post workout.
    Since Im cutting, I really want to know if I made a good deal when I bought 4lbs of dextrose.

    Tell me what you think....Im really confused as to whats better.
    22 years old


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    In regards to post workout drink or meal i try and take in around 40-50 grms of carbs from simple sugar always by way of fresh whole fruit or fruit juice. and i recently read where you should take it by itself and wait about 20 minutes to intake any protien. Since protein will actually block the absorbtion of the glycogen into the muscle which is the goal of our post workout carbs. bottom line keep carbs very simple that will be metabolized quikly and keep protien seperate.

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    Even more confused

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