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    Thumbs up dieting help please all!

    Hello again all.... i thought id post my diet so u could all pick at it or tell me what u think?

    my stats...

    29 years old
    24 percent body fat(well thats what the machine says but id like to c where lol)
    5 11 or 180 cm
    14 stone lost half already!

    ive been lifting on and off for 14 years now never really away from the weights love em to much ive got a really active job where im constantly lifting over 25 kg drums and them constantly tensing emptying them so im quite active im trying to cut this 24 percent down to about 15percent so i can start my cycle of test prop. Do u think this diet is good enough?
    Oh and just thought id mention my metaboilzem is v fast im always hungry even when ive eaten but ive lways eaten clean never really any fast foods or suger products !

    Again ur all a great help thx and any info muchly appreciated chrs all!
    (on some meals ill also use a tablespoon of salsa for taste)
    5 egg whites
    1 cup cooked oats
    1 scoop whey
    1 slices whole wheat
    1 tbsp of lineseeds


    2 slices whole wheat
    chicken breast
    small bowl of salad
    1tbsp of evoo

    1 tin tuna
    1 tin sweetcorn

    2 chicken breast
    sweet potatos size of 2 fists
    1tbsp of evoo


    2 scoops Whey
    half cup milk
    1 cup water
    hand full of dry roasted nuts

    2 tins tuna
    2 cups greens
    1 tbls olive oil

    1 slice of turkey breast
    2 slices whole meal bread
    1 tbsp olive
    2 tbsp of npb

    thx again!

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    I didn't look at it to closely but your PWO needs rework. Need lots of carbs and protein there w/o the nuts.

    I would do 2 scoops whey and 1 cup oats.

    I would move most of your carbs to meal one, pre work out and pwo.

    The rest pro/fat.

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    ok ill try that thx m8 n1!

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