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    if lactose intolerance?

    If you were lactose intolerant , and could not drink 100% whey as your PWO shake...because of the amount of lactose in it

    does anybody have any recommendations for a PWO protein shake?
    i heard that 100% whey isolate is the way to go?

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    powder eggs. better than whey anyway

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    optimum 100% egg protein

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    pure whey protein isolate

    or egg protien, or soy protien

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    i heard whey isolate is better than egg protein powder now, but if you cant have the whey then might as well go with the egg..

    Another option is to go online or to you local vitamin shop/GNC and look for a drink called isopure. It usually comes in fruity flavors, kinda makes your mouth dry but it isnt bad. low cal, 40g protein and nothing else

    a bit pricy but if you drink half a bottle at a time its almost as much as your average whey powder << link to an isopure site
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