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    Just a quick Supplement question

    What is the correct amount of Glutamine and Casein one should take before bed to help fight catabolism?

    And what brands do you recommend for Caesin?

    has anyone heard of Maxs Nitetime?
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    I've read mixed reviews on Glutamine.... from people who swear by it to others who say it's a useless supp.

    As for casein, i'd say anywhere between 1-2 scoops (usually 25-50g) depending on your daily caloric needs.

    My favorite by far is ON (Optimum Nutrition) Vanilla. Chocoloate is decent too, but the vanilla is like a snack every night!

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    I've got mixed reviews on glutamine as well. I haven't been using it before bed, just treating it like another BCAA and sipping on that and arginine AKG durring a workout. I agree with GB though about Optimum, for the price you can't beat it. I blend 1 scoup with 1/2 cup cottage cheese 1/2 cup fat free milk with 1/2 cup of ice chips makes an awesome smothie type drink

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