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    Diet help for best results while on HGH and Test

    Hello to all;

    I have been taking Humatrope 24mg for 6wks now and my hormone levels are almost where they should be, I take 2mg/6IU in AM 30min prior to cardio and I also take 150mg of Test Cyp per week. After knee surgery I am now starting a workout routine, my goals are as follow;
    1- loose weight(BF)
    2- Gain some muscle size

    Stats: 39yrs, 5'7", 205lbs, 18% BF , I have a routine and diet and would like comments and changes that some one with more experience than me, I was Air Force and had a great workout and meal plan, while active duty i got to be 225lbs with about 8-10% BF. Now I would love to get to that size butttt, I am olderand lots of injuries to knees and hips. So anyway here is my work out and need some one to advice if I should change any od the dosage or any comments.

    M-F 1hr Cardio (running 2min sprint and 1min fast walk)
    M-W-F After cardio Upper body hitting different muscles each day(I superset all exercises)
    T-TH After cardio Lower body and Abs (also superset all exercises)

    At gym before cardio Creatine and Oatmeal(plain)
    After cardio before weights a Protein shake 50grams
    After weights 6oz of Tuna seared plain(lemon) and 6oz sweet potatoes
    2- 3hrs Protein shake 50grams
    2- 3hrs 6oz Tuna or Chicken with 4oz Brown rice
    2- 3hrs Protein shake 50grams with some type of Carb slow acting

    any comments and suggestions welcome

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    11,418 is an idea: while waiting for a response from the "diet" gurus who are seriously tied up right now for the "challlenge" here....

    post up you exact foods in the next post....with how much you eat and what time you eat... so when they do return here they have a clearer idea as to how to help let them know specifically how much you want to gain etc......

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    Slimmer, I can't thank you enough for 'fielding' these! I am trying really hard to stay on top of things with the trainee's and still stay involved with the regular forum as I don't want to see it 'die' from lack of response.

    I swear, you are like our ROCK!!!

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