Hello guys

I used to lift a couple of years ago, started out originally as a skinny ecto around 155lbs but bulked up a bit to around 185lbs in around 6 months I think it was. Anyway I quit for a few years, and have maintained a moderate weight above my starter weight, currently at around 168lbs I think. Anyway, I'm looking to bulk on around 4000 calories a day as I'm one of those folks who find it hard to gain weight. One annoying thing about myself is that I don't have a large appetite to eat, which is why I use weight gainers, also for the fact it's easier to fit macros in during work hours.

So i'd like some feedback on what I could change on my diet please, I understand I'm using some calorific info for things such as sweet potatoes/brocolli but I don't think they should affect the majority of the diet too much and I can't find out the info for these items.

Need advice on my diet please-grad.png