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    After learning how bad my old diet was I went straight out and bought some good food scales, measuring stuff and freezer bags and downloaded myfitnesspal as was using myplate from which is a bane compared to myfitnesspal.

    1. What do I want to look for on a pair of body weight scales, I want some to check bf% and anything else but what else can they do? Just so I get the most out of what I buy

    2. Can I drink squash a few times a day without recording it? If I drunk milk I'd have to record it right?

    3. This is my diet plan for today. How does it look? Ok to eat the same every day until i find new things to add? What could I change/adjust?. I am looking to gain as much muscle mass as poss and keep bf% the same or possibly lose a little bit slowly.

    4. If I was to miss a meal would I add it to the next time? (My mate wants to know as he can't always eat as often as 3hrs at work)

    5.How do I work out macros?

    Diet today:

    8am: Oats + Protein - 49p/64c/12f

    10am: Chicken Breast + Rice - 43p/79c/3f

    12noon: Chicken Breast + Frijj Milkshake - 51p/52c/4f

    2pm: Tuna + Rice - 39p/77c/2f


    4pm Tuna + Rice - 39p/77c/2f

    6pm Chicken Breast + Protein - 52p/4c/4f

    8pm Tuna - 30p/0c/1f

    Total Calories - 2922
    Totals - 302p/353c/28p

    I'll be going shopping today or tomorrow as well so any advice on what you think I should add in their would nice.

    Think that's all for now lol
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