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    Nutrition check beofre cycle

    Nutrition check beofre cycle-530951_359393380779758_120815260_n.jpgNutrition check beofre cycle-537809_359393037446459_1437829527_n.jpg

    So I posted this in another thread and was refered here, by OdinsOtherSon below is his input.

    I'm no nutrition expert, and I don't know how often you workout or what your typical workouts consist of but if you're able to maintain those workout stats on the diet you posted, that's amazing. For the energy you should be expending to to maintain that capability vs the caloric intake you've posted its gonna be difficult for you to make any headway. That might account for your inability to "find the fire" in your workouts. You need to calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) based on LBM (lean body mass) X 15, as follows: Body weight = 198. LBM 198* .85 = 168lbs. 168lbs is you lean body mass. 168*15 = 2520 cal. This is your maintenance calorie needs. I see you want to lose weight, yet gain strength....that's gonna be tough. You need fuel to move those extra pounds of iron. Plus throw the cardio in on top...I personally think this is going to be next to impossible. This reinforces my theory that your lack of calories is the prime culprit in your "lack of fire" statement. But, post it up in the nutrition forum and maybe we can get >>405<< or gbrice to chime in. They're the expert.

    My $0.02[/QUOTE]

    I am a Crossfitter and I fall into the Paleo diet with the exception of milk. I am not a crazy paleo fanatic, I just think it is a easy way to judge good from the bad and it works for me. I dont aspire to be a bodybuilder just stronger and faster. I have been crossfitting for 2 years and before that lifted on and off for 6 years, I have a Crossfit trainer but still cant seem to catch up with the top guys. I feel like I train my butt off but dont make huge leaps in performance like a lot of guys I know and I eat better them for sure. My genetic background is german and Norweign, my father is a big man and he doest really workout and my mother also gets in real good shape when she trys. So I think I have the genetics, just not sure why I havent hit my stride yet. I feel tired and unmotivated a lot, I have been asked before if I have low test. I am a very, very , very passive person, hardly ever mad and everyone thinks I am the nicest guy the know. Now I know that doesnt really link that much to test but I think it hrts my workouts because I cant find the fire to get pumped to walk up to a heavy PR lift and crush it. This may be to much info but anything that youguys can use to help me would be apreciated. I have a video of me doing a workout about 6 months ago so you can see my body comp if need be? Thanks

    Wake up at 6

    Snack- 6:10

    Protien Shake

    Tech-6:30 ( I am a Crossfit trainer, I teach at 630 am)



    4 eggs
    3 Slices of bacon
    1/2 avocado
    Bell pepper (raw)


    Protien shake


    Meat of some sort, around 5-6 oz
    Green veggies, etc. Broccli, Brussle's, Spianch (6 cups)
    Bell Peppers

    Protien shake
    BCAA powder


    Meat- 6 OZ
    Veggie, or sweet potatos

    Protien shake


    My stats:
    Age 26
    Height 6 ft.
    Wieght 191
    BF 12-15%
    Squat 325
    Deadlift 355
    Bench 305
    Press 205
    Clean 245
    Jerk 245
    Snatch 185
    Mile run 6:30
    400M run 1:25

    Weight 185-190
    BF 8-10
    Squat 400
    Dealift 485
    Bench 350
    Press 230
    Clean 300
    Jerk 350
    Snatch 250
    Mile run 6:00
    400m Run 1:10
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