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    Disappointing results

    Just did a BF calculator, haven't done one in awhile..turns out I'm near 20%. I know I'm carrying a bit of chub around my mid section, but other than that I feel pretty good about how I look most of the time. I'm trying to bulk up, so I guess I just have to deal with the extra lard.

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    Well I have not perfected my diet, most of us haven't. If someone has perfected it then they probably could do well competing. I just want to say that most of us underestimate our BF%, I sure have. I would like to think I have a more realistic view of myself now but the truth it that I am still probably off a little in my head. I just check myself often to be sure.

    To an extent, unless you have a perfect diet and plenty of gear, I have never bulked and not gained at least a small bit of fat. The trick is to adjust your macros so that you are gaining as little fat as possible while bulking. That is why a lot of guys stay around the 40/40/20 split because that does a pretty good job for most.

    I just wanted to chime in and let you know that you should not have to deal with getting any less lean than you are now. I wouldn't let myself get above 20%.

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    This post is pointless without photos.
    (i.e. show us your boobs)

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