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    Feeling like something is not working with my diet.HELP

    First & foremost: in Italy no gyms will be open until march so I can workout a little just to put a temporary band aid on it. (and I know it cause I did a amateur bikini competition prep which got me in an amazing shape to be amateur, so I know a gym is necessary if you want a really GREAT shape, not just being pretty fit)

    My problem is: the prep I did, almost 2 years ago, got me in super shape within 3 months, I trained heavily 5 times a week, the gear was injected winstrol plus t3 & oxandrolone pills, I could drink once or twice a week and my diet was on point (low kcal but not extremely low, around 1.500/1.600 per day which for cutting isn't really that low but obviously there was moderate gear + heavy training). In my workout routine, no cardio at all.
    At the end of it, I was (am) 5'9 for 119 lbs, astonishingly shredded and was slightly under 10% body fat.

    Gradually during covid I didn't workout, I ate a lot and put some fat and the double, I put a lot of WATER RETENTION. I gained 30 lbs. I managed this month to lose 6,5 in almost 3 weeks, but it's not enough as it looks like I am really eating well and small portions (no sweets, pasta, fried stuff, fried oil, processed food, I am sticking to lactose free, good fats, protein, veggies, not many carbs and such).
    Unluckily my coach moved and changed number and also, his diet worked just because how heavy I was working out & gear helped. Probably I wouldn't be losing any weight right now.

    Does someone have experience with women who tend to water retention what and how to eat? I stick to only 2 meals per day, lunch & dinner, and I am strict. But 6 lbs in 3 weeks look too little to me considering I have been that shredded and I am still young.
    PS Obviously my goal is losing as much as possible until I get back in the gym in march, then I will hire a coach to build muscle, way easier to build muscle & losing all this water mixed fat. I feel SO uncomfortable.
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