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    Carb cycling...How long to stay on

    How is everyone doing? I've been cycling carbs for 3 weeks now with great fat losses and no loss in strength. I went w/ less than 10 carbs per day for 14 days, then carbed up this past weekend for Sat. and Sun. I've lost about 12 pounds, and 2 full inches around my waist. My question is, how long should I stay on this diet and expect to continue seeing results? How many more weeks can I do this diet for? I really don't mind it, and could see myself keeping it up for months. If anyone has experience with a similar type of diet let me know. My stats are:

    6'5"....238lbs....12.7% B.F.

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    sounds dangerous to me, i would never go below 50g of carbs, the body needs carbs for brain function and muscle repair, especially post workout, you may not have lost any strength yet, but you will if you do it that way.. if you are going to cycle this means going for 5 or 6 days with low carbs, each day going gradually lower until u hit 50g and then carbing up on the 7th day to something like 250g and repeating

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    carb up about every 4-5 days

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    Just a quick question...when you guys say 10 grams of carbs a day...are you really only getting 10 grams?? So no carbs post-workout??...if so CRAZY



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