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    Subtracting Fiber from Total Carbs

    Do all of you outright subtract fiber from your carbohydrate intake...for example, say i'm eating 2 cups of green beans...that's about 17 carbs and 8 fiber. so it should equal 9 net carbs...basically im just wondering if you guys follow the net carb idea with not worried about glycerin and sugar alcohols cuz i stay away from them.

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    Yes, being that fiber is unchanged by the body and "shit out" (sorry, best way to say it), then you can subtract it both from total carb count and calorie count as well.


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    I didn't used to buy into it, when I was very strict. I have switched over now, becuse it seems to work. Personally I dont consider 9g net of carb that terribly low. Its about the same as a pice of fried KFC chicken.

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