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    Natco Xtane (Aromasin)

    Natco Xtane (Aromasin )

    Anyone used it? Is it legit? There are so many mixed reviews on forums that I cannot make up my mind if I want to order it or not.

    I have ordered other products from this very large source but after reading so many different reviews on this product I want to see what you guys have to say

    Any other recommended brands that have worked for you that you want to recommend are welcome as well

    thanks in advance
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    I am taking this exact same brand now and it is the ONLY product that have ever kept me from gyno, and I have used alot of stuff, guess all the others were bunk. On about 7 weeks into an 18 week cycle and take 12.5 EOD and no gyno

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    Closest thing you'll find to normal pharmaceutical

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