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    Testing which hormones

    Menopause is kicking my @$$. Fatigue, moody, insomnia, and more "fun" stuff. I'm seeing my primary care doctor Monday. I'll request hormone testing. Any suggestions as to which particular hormones I should have tested?
    Part 2: pretty sure my estrogen is low. Pros and cons to estrogen replacement therapy???

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    Women hormones are somewhat more complicated then men cause their sex hormone cycle last 28 days, its not a daily cycle like in men.

    Estrogen replacement therapy, has been somewhat left out by MDs because of the breast cancer studies. But the estrogen replacement therapy it is in my opinion wrong, or at least wrongly named. There is a variety of hormones, just replacing estrogen might not solve menopause problems. Better naming is hormone replacement therapy.
    But, again im my opinion, it was done wrong. A replacement therapy should mimic the normal hormonal pattern of the body, well you can see where im going here, if you just take some estrogen it will hardly mimic the female cycle.

    A proper hormonal therapy should try and mimic the follicular, ovulatory and luteal phase. Maybe this is complicated? Well, maybe its not really feasible, I am far from an expert in female endocrinology.

    Tests you can do are:
    Total testosterone and free testosterone
    Prolactin (optional)

    A safer protocol, if your androgens are on the low end, is low dosage testosterone. Some women respond well to this, but it is not free of side effects as we all know.

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