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    TRT question and Tren

    Hi All -
    was wondering if I could get some help here. My stats:
    11% bf
    -a few cycles run previously.
    Last month, I had my blood work done and the doc said all looked good except that I had "very low" test levels = 359 - range 348-1197. He suggested 200 mg test cyp a month (one injection). SO, my first question is is this a substantial dose for TRT? On the 3 cycles I have run, I have been at 400-500 mg per week of test prop. I had low test before I ever did a cycle as well, 261 range 250-1100. Previously, I felt great while taking test on cycle. Additionally, I went on cycle 3 weeks ago and am on Test Prop, Tren , and Mast. My secondary question here is, do you think I am screwing myself by using Tren? I know Tren causes big time test shutdown, however wouldn't the test prop be making up for the shutdown? I ask this because I still feel really drained like before I ever went on cycle and in between cycles. Thoughts?


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    200mg/month is not a healthy protocol. The active life of test cyp is 14 days. That means your bloods will be on a roller coaster and you will likely be feeling worse by the last wk of the month.

    Have you included an AI and hCG on your current cycle?

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    sorry for the duplicate post!

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