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    Starting Subq TRT

    I'm starting TRT soon with 60mg of Test Cyp x2 a week (so 120mg a week) using the two spot subq method. I've read that subq absorbs into the bloodstream a lot slower than IM and can take weeks before levels become noticeably improved.

    I was just wondering if it would therefore perhaps be a good idea to frontload with a higher dosage, or frontload with a couple IM injections to get the ball rolling. I know I might sound impatient, but I've been miserable with low T for years and am eager to finally fix it.

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    Just do the protocol. I switched from IM to subQ because of the fine folks on this site. IM got me to 565 with 100mg every 5 days (that's about 150mg week). I changed to .30ml twice a week (120mg) and now at 1005 with free test at 135. My doc's eyes about popped out of his head. Haha. So he lowered me to .25ml twice a week to see where that gets me. Better news is my SHBG dropped to 24, hematocrit to 48.2 from 54.4 and my hemoglobin to 16.9. E2 is now 29. SubQ rocks.

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    Agreed, stick to the protocol. You're not cycling, it's TRT. You are looking for a consistant dose that will get your levels up to an optimum level. Anything off of protocol would change what the doctor is hoping to see and possibly throw off his treatment. Change will happen, but not overnight.

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