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    Question Looking for 2nd opinions

    Age 32
    Weight 188lb
    B/F 15'ish %

    Workout 5 days a week, diet is good, sleep is moderate.
    Went to do some blood work as to get a reference and saw my T was low for a 32 year old. So went to local Endo in Austin and to talk further.
    More blood work was ordered and then after the results he decided not to treat. Was curious what opinions I may get from the board here.

    1st Round of BW
    Test 239
    Free Test 5.1

    2nd Round of BW (2 weeks later)
    PSA .9
    TSH 3.6 .5-4.7
    Test 201 292-1052
    Free Test 7.0 4.8-25
    Free T4 1.15
    Sex Horm 24 17-66
    Prolactin 10.5
    Luteinizing Horm 3.5
    WBC 4.4
    RBC 5.04

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    Looks like it's time to find a different doc. Maybe check into seeing a urologist or an anti aging clinic.

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