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Thread: Can I naturally increase testosterone?

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    Can I naturally increase testosterone?

    I have been diagnosed with low testosterone , but with one thing and another I had a big fall out with my endocronologist over the way I was treated.

    I have been put on a waiting list to see another endocrinologist but I'm sure it will just be a 6month wait just to have a blood test.

    I have no blood results due to the fallout and complaint, they have been given as evidence.

    everyone I talk to seems to think all my symptoms are in my head and it's just an excuse for being the way I am.

    I don't want to self medicate as I know nothing about treatment and as I'm very much over weight I don't want to risk anything as far as heart attacks ect.

    Is there a natural way of boosting testosterone or anyway improving it?

    I hear lads in the gym saying doing different exercises can boost it, but when I asked my GP he told me it was complete rubbish!

    I have tried a few brands of testosterone boosters but they have done nothing at all for me.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    There's no tricks I'm sure you don't already know.

    Lose weight
    Proper sleep

    Blood work given as evidence? Ok, so someone has it. Why can't you get copies from whoever has it. It's still your blood work.
    Don't self medicate. Avoid test boosters as many can suppress test levels.
    Excess weight can be a contributor to low testosterone . As can many other things such as hypothyroidism, trauma, cortisol or prolactin issues. It's why BW is so important here. There are private labs where BW can be obtained without a prescription. Take a look at private md

    In the meantime, visit the Nutrition Forum here and let some of the vets help you with your diet. Basically free Nutritionists. Doesn't get better than that.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for the advice, I do try and exercise and eat right but never seams to make a difference with weight or the way I feel, but maybe I've been going at it all wrong. I have an injury which means I can't do cardio or leg work which doesn't help at all but I should still be able to lose weight.

    Basically the hospital are holding all my bloods and being awkward about everything as I have made a complaint with the governing body and they have taken the case on.

    I am UK based and it seems impossible to find a private consultant at a reasonable price.

    I will post in the diet section as I really need to lose weight.

    Thanks again

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    I will 1000000% gurantee this bro, if you stop eating bacon, cheese and greesy things that raise your cholestrol, and drink TOONNSSS of water as well as sleep 8 hours or more eveey night.

    Including taking 8 grams of creatine as well as 3 grams of D ASPARTIC ACID your TEST WILL increase.

    A few years back my uncle had the same problem, the docs wanted to put him on test, but instead did this little diet plan instead and his test went from 2.9 to like 9.7.. i dont rmr the exact numbers and stuff but basically it was a big gain.

    Anyways plz message me with any questions

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    You should still be able to get copies of all your blood work. It's your, you have a legal right to it.

    As said, diet, exercise and sleep make a pretty big difference but not always enough. Have you looked in to a LowT clinic near you?

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    Check out this site to raise your test levels naturally>
    The comment about cholesterol is not correct

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