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    New to this site and treatment

    Hi all, I am a 54 yo have felt unwell for a long time.. Recently my nipples become so sore and I couldn't remember the last erection I had. I went to have some test.. My testosterone levels were zero, I wasn't making any. I had my first injection and it was reandron® 1000 - about six weeks ago. I tell you I cannot wait to feel better.. Well I have had my second injection six weeks from the first and although I feel a little different as I wake with an erection through out the night. Nothing wrong with that although having something to do with it would be nice. Health wise I am yet to feel any different still feel lowly... I wish to chat to someone going through the same as I am

    Regards Peter

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    get a bloodtest and see where you are before your 6 week injection so you can guage your requirement/intervals. might take a while for you to feel better- test wont help depression if its emotional not physical manifestation.

    Testosterone Effects Tool

    try this tool to give you an idea of timeframes, eat better- try to excersise- drink water .

    im guessing you are not fit, testosterone wont make you feel great- it will aid in helping you recover quicker- so use it properly- excersie and build up those muscles/fitness levels.

    if you have depresion use 5htp, google ebay and buy it.

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    Welcome Peter. Good advice mentioned above. You've been in the woods for awhile it appears. So give it some time & you'll be surprised how much better things will get. I would suggest you get educated by reading the stickies located at the top of the 1st HRT forum page. There's a lot of good info there for newbies to familiarize themselves with this treatment. Many here are around your age & on the same Reandron product and can chime in further...

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    I have been on reandron for 6 months now, had my first injection in September then second injection 6 weeks later, I am currently on 10 week intervals but start to feel a drop off around week 8. Feel better with each injection have more energy and motivation to workout, libido is great and erections are frequent. Pre trt my levels were 6.0nmol/L last blood test was 14.3 doesn't seem high but noticed a major improvement in my overall health better concentration more strength my low t symptoms have gone away. Had my fourth injection over a week ago will post blood results later on this week. I have posted the nebido effects tool recommend you read that it is accurate from my experience and you should start feeling the benefits according to the chart
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