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    ABC - Arthritic Back Condition: What to do about it?

    I have a variety of nagging back problems:

    "sway back"

    the first two could have been corrected when it was diagnosed with a back brace when I was a child. It's not severe, but it contributes to my back issues.

    The last item, the arthritis, was discovered by Xray when the pain in my back gradually increased over the last 30 years. Apparently, calcium deposits have slowly been building up on my vertebrae, looking like sharp little hooks on the Xray. The "hooks" irritate the muscle tissue, causing pain and inflammation. I've spoken to the doctor about having them surgically removed, and my Kaiser doctor scoffed saying that unless my pain was extreme and constant, it would be too great a risk (for who?). So I'm stuck and not sure what to do about it.

    In the past, I've tried the inversion tables without relief. they only seem to work when there's an alignment problem, or the discs need pressure taken off, neither of which describes my condition.

    I exercise my back (back extensions) twice a week and keep my abs strong exercising them twice a week as well.

    Leaning over a sink to wash my hands can be an issue. Bending in general seems to be an issue. Standing and walking (like shopping) for long periods can be an issue.

    TB500 has no impact, as this is not an injury nor a trauma. I've tried morphine, but what a slippery slope that presents. Advil/Tylenol/Aspirin provides NO relief.

    I do get some relief from Alleve. Two in the AM and two in the PM, every day, seems to help. But I'm not liking the idea of taking this for the rest of my life. Additionally, it only masks the pain, and does nothing for the root cause of the problem.

    Here is a list of other "remedies" that provide no relief for me:
    heating pads
    ice packs
    salonpause heating strips
    hot tubs/warm baths
    tins unit (electro shock therapy)

    Exercise helps manage the pain. The proof is that when i stop exercising for awhile, the pain increases.

    Now the point of my thread.

    I know many of you also have similar conditions, but we never seem to address this issue and speak of it.

    I'd like to hear what others do for their pain relief. How do you cope? Do you take anything? Did you go somewhere and have surgery?

    I think it's time we put our heads together!

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    damn TR!

    I have never tried this but maybe acupuncture?

    worth a shot

    i have backs pains also but the more active i am, the better it feels.

    i know from sitting on my arse all day at work aggravates it and i squirm all day trying to get comfy.

    also, have the docs talked about a nerve block?

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