I got this guy who I go to who puts together these blends that are pretty good but I wanted to know which one to go with for my first cycle. All blends come in 100cc amp vials.
The first blend is:
(400mg/ml 200mg cyp + 200mg deca ) inj 1 a week
which goes for $100.00 or I can go with the
(400mg/ml 200mg propinate + 200mg durabolin ) inj. eod
which also goes for $100.00

Im 6'4 240 18%bf been lifting for about 3 years naturally and want to take my 1st cycle. How many of these should I grab to see results. Im thinking one or two of these won't do much. Im looking to put on quality mass.. not as much quantity.. I want to get bigger but I want it to stay.