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    The cycle of an Ectomorph

    Hey all long time browser first time poster.

    I've been researching for a while and haven't found many informative progression threads about how much weight and strength for people with my genetic disadvantage on a cycle so I thought I would walk you through week by week of my 10 Week 500mg/w Test E cycle. I may be dreaming here but I'm hoping to get myself to a steady 80kg post PCT.

    First off a bit about me

    Age: 21
    Height: 6Ft (183cm)
    Weight: 68kg
    Lifting time: 4 Years
    Bf %: Unknown

    Yes I'm 21 and no I do not care that you think its to young it's happening and 100 people posting isn't going to change that so lets get that out of the way, As a person I've been physically active my entire life doing well in things like Track and Field and AFL (Aussie football) so being fit has always been a priority to me but I didn't start focusing of actual gym work till I was 17 going through my final year of high school although 70kg seems to be my upper limit and I have been stuck here for years now.

    If you wan't me to clarify any more just ask and I will update.

    I have been 3 weeks into a cycle of Sus250 before I had a rather bad injury requiring surgery so I had to cut that as I wasn't able to go to the gym for a fair while.

    Test E - 2x 250mg injections Monday&Thursday for 10 weeks
    Arimidex - 0.25mg EOD during the cycle

    Nolva - Three weeks after my last injection at 40/40/20/20

    I'm not going to be super picky about my diet I'm just going to eat eat eat as I'm not worried about gaining fat

    If you have any POSITIVE feedback or wish for me to try a certain workout plan that has worked well for you or diet I'm more than happy to take your advice.

    I will be trying to update this weekly on the day of my first injection

    PS: I will upload photos but it doesn't seem to be working right now

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    you have absolutely no foundation to start a cycle. you are too skinny for your height. i have lots of ectomorph friends so i know that you can at least gain 4-5 kg natural.
    you even used 3 weeks of sust (test) (and yes you can gian in 3 weeks of sust)

    you don't konw the half life of test e and you don't know about pct well enough and no hcg ??

    do more research and there is no rush , you can change your bodey in a very short period with gear anytime. It is too SOON!

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