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    2nd cycle review

    I completed my second cycle a couple of months ago and i wanted to report of my experiences. My cycle comprised of the following:

    Test E 250 mg x 2 EW - Week 1-12
    Dbol 30 mg ED - Week 1-5
    Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
    HCG 300 iu x 2 EW
    PCT Nolva/Clomid 40/20/20/20 75/50/50/50

    Stats before:

    Weight - 85kg
    BF - 15%

    Stats after:

    Weight: 94kg
    BF 17%

    Week 1-5

    I started my cycle as a newbie to dbol with high hopes and with some trepidation as this was my first time running an oral. The weight gain was rapid initially over the course of three weeks, which gradually slowed down as I reached the final run. At first I didn't run into any issues, and found the compound pretty unassuming, but by week three, the classic sides of dbol took effect - back pumps, calf pumps and breathlessness, which made squats and deadlifts impossible. By week four I could barely walk - it was almost debilitating. However, the quick weight gain made me persevere - just. I was glad when I ceased the dbol and while running the test only, I felt and looked better and harder than before; perhaps I respond to test well. All in all, despite using pharmacy grade dbol, I found it underwhelming, perhaps my expectations were too high; my mood, energy levels and well being all improved once I dropped the dbol, and I doubt I'll use it again.

    Week 5-12

    My strength levels increased tremendously at this point and I was maxing all my lifts which was awesome! Calf and back pain subsided, so I was able to resume deads and squats. By this point, around week 7 my nuts had shrunk to grains of sand, despite running Organon HCG at 600iu EW!! How can I ensure this doesn't happen? This is probably the main downside of cycling - could I run a higher dosage to counteract the effects next time? I'm pleased with how the cycle went overall and I'm eager to get start my third.

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    Good work, I appreciate hearing about Dbol experience... I think I'll be skipping that for a while.

    I'm surprised your shrinkage with the hgc use but my knowledge of these things is embarrassingly low. Hcg worked well for me in that regard.

    Best of luck!

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