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    Help on first cycle

    I am 47 years old. I am 6'1 220 pounds and I have been active and lifted off and on my whole life.

    I am really confused about PCT.

    I am thinking of starting a TEST Cyp cycle and I really want someone to help me with dosages, and what to use for PCT.

    I am willing to pay for help. I am only half ass educated and I will not start a cycle until I'm comfortable with it.

    I m looking at Test cyp and need PCT advise/schedule/plan.

    Thank you!

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    I'd start out with pre-blood labs so you have a base to go with. Get your diet on par giving your body the nutrients it will need for increased protein synthesis. Make sure your sleep schedule is nice and consistent. Read up on some injection protocols and read a bit about what adverse affects using a bodybuilding dose of test you may be prone to, (i.e. acne/hairloss/prostate/bp/etc.)

    Once you are comfortable with that, i'd suggest maybe 400-500mg/wk for a 12 wk period. With Nolva/clomid on hand to keep E2 levels spiking very high, this must be monitored so as to not crash them as well. You need to see how your body is going to react to extra test.

    I would also suggest blood work done every 1/4 of the cycle term, at least thats what i do.

    Theres also a ton of search opportunities on this forum for beginner cycles.

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