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    Edema around belly after hcg injection.

    I'm dealing with a bunch of water that showed up 1st near the abdominal hcg injection site and has now extended to both sides of my abdomen and over my hips/ on flanks.

    On week 3 of a test-c cycle @ 520mg/wk, was taking dbol at 30mg ed, and am taking 1/2mg anastrozole every 3rd day and 250iu hcg sub-q on test injection day. This was shot 6 and holy crap! I'm instantly carrying five pounds of water.

    Anyone ever had such a reaction. The edema is isolated to my abdomen. Obpowerstroke already gave me his thoughts.

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    Yeah it's not uncommon for that to happen with a sub Q shot. Nothing to worry about usually.
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