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    First Cycle Log Test E + dbol

    Ok so Iíve been researching and reading for quite some time and finally dove in. Iím 5í11 198lbs and roughly 15% bf. Age 30.

    I will be on my 5th pin tomorrow. I began on thanksgiving. 2 weeks so far. I inject in alternating thighs with a 31g 5/16Ē insulin syringe.

    Drawing was a pain at first, but got the hang of it, patience is key lol But a few days ago I got the syringes I needed to draw the oil and backload the insulin syringes.

    Iíve had bloodwork done already but being on my 2nd week Iím getting some more done this week to check testosterone and estrogen levels.

    I pin Mondayís and Thursdayís in the mornings.

    Weeks 1-12
    Test E 500mg

    Weeks 1-4
    Dbol 25mg ED

    I had to reduce the amount of AI I take. It was too much and was giving me bad headaches and making me sleepy. I believe I crashed my Estrogen levels.

    So now I take 12.5mg of Aromasin every week.

    I will start HCG tomorrow. 250ui twice per week on the same days as I inject. This will run well into my PCT.

    I also take Milk Thistle ED at 1300mg.


    Weeks 14-18
    Clomid 75/50/50/50
    Nolvadex 40/20/20/20

    In short, my recovery time has lessened! Iíve gained 7lbs, definitely some water and some muscle. Most of my family and friends are starting to see a difference.

    My lifts have gone up. For example Iíd be able to do 12 reps and 4 sets of 128lbs for triceps on the cables. Now I can easily do 160lbs for the same amount of reps and sets.

    The pumps in the gym are amazing. I usually take dbol 30 min to an hour before the gym. I take all 25mg at once. Iíve been reading a lot the subject and donít personally think itís much more beneficial to split it up. Plus my tabs are 25mg.

    My recovery time is insane. I work out a body part and within 48hrs sometimes less itís ready to be mistreated again. I always wait 48 to 72hrs before touching that muscle again, but before it was more like a strict 72hrs for recovery.

    The dbol bloat sucks, but I try to keep my sodium intake low and I drink lots of water. The AI also noticibly helps with water retention.

    I sit at about 3500~ calories per day.

    I wasnít a big eater and had lost 140lbs 2 years ago. Iíve been lifting for a long time, however, I was doing heavy cardio for 2hrs a day 5-6 days a week in the form of basketball in conjecture with lifting.

    So rearranging my diet to a surplus was a little difficult only because I wasnít use to eating so much so often. But I was already use to eating lean and clean.

    So Iím pretty good as far as what I need to eat and what to stay away from etc.


    All in all I feel good so far. May be a bit early but apart from the issue with the AI in the beggining I havenít experience any crazy sides and I believe my body has gotten used to the dbol.

    My Blood Pressure was a little elevated the first few days after my shot and being on the dbol, but now itís regulated. Fluctuates between 120ís and mid 130ís. When itís on the higher side I believe it has to do with the water retention. But I monitor my BP everyday or at least EOD. They have a BP machine at my gym and I have one at home lol

    I feel good though.

    In regards to rest days, in case anyone was wondering, I do rest 2 days per week, sometimes 1 full rest day and one day where I only do shoulders and cardio.

    I will be posting before and after pics as the log progresses.

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    I just had a question. I posted it elsewhere on this board.
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    The gym
    Good luck I will be following

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    how do you prevent water retention ?

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