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    Can people please help me, I would Appreciate it !!!

    Ok, im 17 about to be 18, I weigh 178 and Im 5'9...I dont know exactly but my body fat is probably like 20-25% or worse...Im not like fat, but im a kind of chubby, I am kind of fat in the gut...and I want to transform my body over the summer with close to a 6 pack and get rid of what I would call man boobs., I want to see the best fastest results..I did a cycle of rage rv5 for the past month, and lifting and cardio and I think it helped my somewhat, but im look for amazing results, and looking great with great definition....can people recommend what would be the best regimen for me, I am willing to take any supplement to see a 6 pack and be confident going to the beach without my shirt.

    thanks so much

    Also I can probably take a picture if that would help

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    Please attach some pictures.

    I would suggest you hit up the diet forum and read the "stickes" on the top. Your abs are not a result of doing crunches. They are a result of diet and cardio. Doing abs in the gym doesnt make the cub over them disappear.

    The good news is it can be done. Dedication and realistic goals are key. Don't expect to have a 6 pack in a month. It will take time.

    Keep us posted!

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    No Steroids for you..NEXT
    You have to be 18 to sign up brother...and UNCGBORO is right..100%.. You have to set some realistic goals for yourself. And forget about Steroids ... you run gear and your gonna hurt yourself. WAY TO YOUNG!!!!! Hit the diet forum and start their. Get that in check and incorperate a shit ton of cardio along with your weight training

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    yea, 18 to post here man. but at least your asking for help. thats a huge step. just browse the diet and workout sections. at your age you can see crazy gains from just getting those 2 things on point. but do not even think about using anabolics!!! you dont need it man.

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