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Thread: Effects of TRT and a little lifting ;)

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    Effects of TRT and a little lifting ;)

    Effects of TRT and a little lifting ;)-before_after.jpg

    I originally found this forum because my T was low and I was doing lots of research on it. Everyone on here has been a big help!

    The before pic was in 2011, hadn't lifted for years, and was trying to cut hard to get a 6 pack but it never happened. I also did 0 cardio or anything else. I was 152 in that picture.

    In the after pic I'm 185 and that pic was taken after being on TRT for 10 months this year. I had just been lifting 4x a week for about 6 weeks when that pic was taken.

    I've always wanted to do a real cycle and considered it a lot, but right now I don't really want to risk anything. I am curious to know what 400mg a week would look like though

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    What is your trt protocol?

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    80 mg split in to 2 doses per week and .25 mg of arimidex 2x per week.

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    Keep it up. You can go a long ways just by having your test levels in the proper ranges. I would stick with it and wait on blasting until you know your body better. It's like the advice I would even give to a non trt person, couple years of hard consistent training at least, and personally I would do at least twice that. Learn what it takes for you to build muscle, diet and training wise, as well as what it takes to lose fat. You'll be better off in the long run. Good work though, but it sounds like you have just scratched the surface.
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    Just the weight gain alone on TRT is impressive keeping that slim> Good work bro. Also, I dig the math.

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    Looking good!


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