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    my first test e & dbol cycle

    first bulk cycle(test e & dbol )
    hi everyone ,i am going to start my first test e and dbol cycle
    current stats
    weight 160 lbs
    height 5'8
    age 23
    bf 15 %
    current body total testosterone levels -518 ng /ml
    i am considering to take 400 mg/week test e(8-10 weeks)
    and dbol 20 mg ed(4 weeks)
    nolva ed 10 mg(if gyno issue comes)
    diet would be 3700 cal per day(mostly protien)
    pct nolva 40/40/20/20 4 weeks
    clomid (if necessary)
    liv 52 ds for liver care
    5 litres of water
    ...dats pretty much abt my cycle
    any suggestions and critics are welcome...
    also i was concerned abt d brand of my test e which is stark nutrition i dont know wheter its fake ...

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    Welcome but your proposed cycle and PCT is inadequate and you are too young. Also, edit the part of your post mentioning the lab. Read the rules before posting again.

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    Welcome to the board mate!

    My standard "knee jerk" response with youngsters and aas is to wait til their mid twenties after their hormonal system is fully developed. But, taking aas now will shut off your natty test production, which your hormonal system needs to be able to do to to finish developing and bring you to your full genetic potential. But you are close to that age, and everyone is different, and I'm not your father, so I won't yell at you if you decide not to take my advice.

    The other thing I'd like to know is how long (how many years) this last time you've spent intensly working out in the gym? You should have several solid years in the gym at this point hammering out all your natty gains before thinking of aas. this also gives your connective tissue (tendons/ligaments) time to strengthen before you go blasting them with huge weight requirements brought on by super charged aas muscles (connective tissue takes a looong time to build up strength, unlike muscle tissue). This will help prevent injuries if a few years in the gym.

    The next thing I'd like to know is about your diet. Is it ready for aas? If your diet is NOT in check, any gains you make while on steroids are subject to loss if your diet is not right and unable to support these gains. Go to the diet section, post your diet, including macros per meal and macros per day, along with your tdee, so we can see and you can find out.

    Finally, a standard cycle for test e would be 500mg/week for 12 weeks.

    Skip the dbol for your first cycle. You need to understand what a test only cycle does to you, and become familar with it. If you ever do another cycle, then you can add one new compound never before taken by you to the mix, and if something goes wrong, it has to be the recent addition, since you were g2g with the test only cycle.

    Wont advise you on your PCT protocol, since i trt and don't pct, but if StPete says something aint right with it, then you should go to the PCT section and do some reading.

    Good luck!

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