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    Hello All

    Hey everyone, I joined this forum so you young guys could help out an old guy like me,lol
    I'm 55 and currently, well ,3 weeks ago, started using HGH Somatropin as well as Testosteorne and I also have some Clen .

    I used to train back in the day as an Olympic weightlifter and at one time in my career, won the Western Canadian championship in my weight class.

    Time goes by,but the will to maintain ones physical condition as well as state of mind never goes away. as we age things slow down but I don't believe in crawling into a hole and admitting defeat.

    What I'm looking for on this forum is some helpful advise and perhaps some guidance. Back when I trained, we didn't have some of the stuff that is available today although allot of guys I trained with did use steroids to get to the next level, I never did.

    I'm currently into week 3 of HGH and taking 5iu's a day. I take it in the morning when I get up. I'm currently not working so I want to get back to a level of functioning without pain, lol
    I'm also taking 1 CC of test once a week. I've found that my energy level isn't where I want it to be and I'm not sure why. I usually do cardio about an hour after my HGH shot but I find that I'm tried some days and good on others.

    So here is the question: What can I do to get the best results out of what have, including the clen. I know that it's a fat burner but I'd like some help with what to take, when to take, how much, etc. I don't want to build, I want to loose fat, trim down and lean out. That's about it. If I ever do see my abs, that would be a bonus, lol. I don't eat overly dirty but not entirely clean either.

    I appreciate all who have taken the time to read this post and I'm looking forward to some great advise. Thanks guys.

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    Welcome.... Copy and paste your questions in the Q&A section for more views and responses. Also diet will be key.

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    Hey Letrbuck55 welcome aboard. I've not been here long but I can tell you, there's no better place to get advice and have your questions answered. Best of luck!

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