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    a massive snow storm in the United States- lily

    I learned from the BBC news that People in the eastern part of the United States face ​a huge clear-up operation on Monday following​ a massive snow storm that brought many cities to a halt.
    One of my friends from usa said they got 30 inches where I live. There are 15 foot files of snow everywhere from the plows. It will be June until those piles melt! Funny thing is that it is supposed to rain today. Yes, rain after all that snow!
    Terrible weather , right ?
    ​How about the situation in your location ?

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    Yes its pathetic how the news makes this stuff into a disaster when it's every day life for others. He'll here they close the schools even if they think it's going to snow, yes really. Wtf?

    Our society is turning into a bunch of wimps. I like to be comfortable as much as the by next guy but that doesn't mean I'm going to let some discomfort or annoyance stop me.

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    I stopped watching anything but the movie channels on my tv for the last 7 months! I have no idea really about what's going on these days and I have to admit I really could care less it seem....

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    The last couple of weekends New Hampshire has been threatened with the next big snow storm and absolutely nothing has happened. Not even the weather channel has a storm coming our way. Yet the highway department has the signs out and the local news says it's going to happen. And people go to the stores in droves to stock up for 3 days. My wife and I have just stopped listening to the local weather all together.

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