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    Steroids shipment results in Wyoming charges

    This will make you think twice about ordering from China or overseas. But really, DCI, HSI, and DEA Agents, along with the USPS Inspector all had to be there for a steroid bust. What a waste of tax payers money.

    Steroids shipment results in Wyoming charges - | Q2 | Continuous News Coverage | Billings, MT

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    dont ask for a source thx
    its good to know they are focusing on the real dangers in life and leaving the heroin trade alone because steroids kill at least one person a day in my state...ohh wait that's heroin that dose that my bad, glad to see the feds have there priority's in order, fucking tools...

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    Holy crap, $700 worth of stuff seized lol.

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    I've recently ordered from China for the 1st time. Do any of y'all have stuff delivered to your home? Any issues like in this article?

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