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Thread: Last Minute Questions Pre-1st Cycle

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    Last Minute Questions Pre-1st Cycle

    49 YO
    4+ years powerlifting (not setting any records but know what I'm doing)
    Ketogenic 90% of the time
    Bloods done, will DEXA before/after for fun

    Gear for 1st cycle has arrived, going to do the recommended 1st cycle pinned in this forum with 2 allowed exceptions:
    1. Doing 25mg Exemestane for AI
    2. No PCT as I am on TRT so will just resume my normal amounts post cycle.

    1. Precycle bloods came back normal across the board except for FSH and LH which were super low (from the TRT no doubt) - 0.7 and 0.2 mIU/mL respectively. Do I do a Percy le HCG to fix that or just let the Hcg do its thing during the cycle?
    2. Can in load the Hcg and TestE in the same pin to minimize pokes?
    3. Any last words of advice?

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    LH and FSH will always be tanked on TRT or a cycle. Never a need to test them in your case. Ever.
    HCG won't fix LH and FSH at the pituitary level but it will mimic it. Being on TRT you should be running HCG anyway at 250 IU's x 2 pw minimum.
    Yes, you can load it together if you choose.

    Advice? Just train your ass off and keep your nutrition on point. If solid gains aren't made there's only one person at fault! Remember to pull some mid cycle bloods to see how things are.

    Best of luck. And welcome to the forum. Stick around and contribute!
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