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    310 mg test ethanate per week for a 50 year old

    Hi guys I am 50 years old been training for 30 plus years ..205 lbs about 15% body fat...this would be my second cycle.
    first one was 3 years ago and it was test 400 for 12 weeks I justhad me blood work done and my test was 30.8 nmol/L. Canadian level..this is actually high the doctor says

    I was thinking of taking test ethanate 310 mg per week for 16 weeks..I don't really want to do 500 mg per week...
    My friend said to take 250mg per week bet I think that may be to little....
    Will I see results taking 310 mg per week?
    Post cycle would be nova or Clomid...
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    Ask this in the Q&A section probably get your answer. I started on HRT at 50 and was doing 140mg a week and dropped from 26% Bodyfat down to 13% in 6 months. I was working out like a crazy man HIIT fasted in the morning and lifting after work that afternoon. IMHO you would see results

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