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Thread: Should I TRT?

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    Should I TRT?


    Looking for insight on my current situation for those of you that have experience in this realm.

    Iím 40 yo make suffering from what I believe is low test levels having ran 3 short cycles of test. Iím currently experiencing ED, irritability, low energy, no morning wood and low libido. My blood work last year read 396 test level. And I had low prolactin levels 3.6, normal range is 2-9

    I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation where they had successfully naturally boosted their test level? I was thinking about running HCG or TRT. Iíve had success supplementing tongkat ali but donít like the idea of continuously running something unless I have to.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    I am in a similar situation right now testing a self-prescribed TRT after my cycle here is finished. Me personally feel fantastic on and so far my bloods are
    great besides Lipids, and that is due to my orals that I stopped today.

    While TRT is a lifelong decision, I do know several people who has tried it for a few years and actually come off getting back to better values before TRT.
    However, that is a huge gamble and it can very likely be lifelong in the end regardless.

    I doubt 3 short cycles would have damaged you much if you didn't do a horrible PCT program after, any insight there?
    Many don't even need PCT (even if highly recommended) after short test only cycles if body get enough time to recover.
    Natural test boosters are like vitamin C in comparison, it can help in extreme cases, but it's so little that I would never
    rely on it for hormones, more for other health benefits.

    If you know you have had the ability to feel great naturally, I would aim towards that first. Take a full blood test, post it here to let the more knowledged
    members have a look, do a real PCT (e.g. Dr. Scully) and then test again with comparison to how you feel of course.
    If still horrible, then talk with clinic and see what your options are. You want TRT prescribed preferably because of insurance, quality and regular checks.
    As well as documentation if you travel etc etc...
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