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Thread: please help

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    please help

    guys i want to know if i can start pct asap,,,,
    heres my problem,,,,,,ive been doing 500mgs of test e a week, this is the end of my 8th week planned to do 12,,,,,,,personally i think my gear was greatly underdosed or maybe it was test prop,,,cos i feel like shit,,,,ive had no motivation to train, no stength gains, no nothing,maybe a little extra hard on ,,,,,,big deal,,,i have one good training session a week,which seems to be the day after i shoot,thats why i think it could be last shot was 2 days ago,but i just want to end the cycle asap,
    question can i start the pct now or do i have to wait 2 weeks after last shot???????

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    you could start pct now, but if the gear was legit and you're having other issues the first couple weeks of pct won't do much while suppressive compounds are present, so adjust the overall length of the pct accordingly.

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